Meet the Team Behind the C-Bus of Love


Joshua & Steve

In 2011 Steve and I made an amazing life decision we married each other while he was home on leave from Iraq. We drove over 400 miles to Washington D.C. and exchanged our vows. Steve and I started this project for one reason, to bring marriage to couples when they feel it's right, not when they've been told its ok, just as we did three years ago.


We've pulled together amazing allies and LGBT community leaders to create an event that will hopefully forever last in these 25 couples memories. 2013 will be our maiden voyage and until we have marriage equality we'll try to keep the C-Bus of love going. We're fighting for marriage equality on a national level with Outserve-SLDN and locally in our home state with FreedomOhio. Until those battles are won we will tell our story and encourage others to do the same.


It's hard to believe this all came together from some crazy brainstorming session with Stephanie in our living room. It was a cold winter day some steno pads and a dream. Now we are watching 25 couples bond as they prepare to share one of the most important days of their lives. In the end we will have all made some amazing new life long friends. This will be one of the proudest moments of our lives and we are so thankful for all the support that's gotten us here.



Brett & Tara

I was approached by my longtime friend Joshua Snyder-Hill along with our friend Stephanie Banna on another one of his wild ideas of gay grandeur. Since Stephanie and I had just been downsized from our company and had some paid free time off, we must have been an easy target. I like to think it’s because we are phenomenal project managers, a power think tank, & our sales ability is top notch. We took the challenge and to be honest it made both of us feel useful in the slight job hunting depression we were in. To be really honest, I don’t think the 3 of us expected to get this project rolling as fast and successful as it has been. We laugh now about the kill date we had set for the event if the interest was not there. I’m so excited that this pipe dream has become a reality and am looking forward to morphing this into a bigger, badder, and stronger advocacy event for years to come. Unless they legalize this nationally and then we will be happy that this bus trip will not have to exist anymore, but be proud we did our part.

(P.S. we are employed again so don’t feel too bad for us)

You will hear me joke that I am probably one of the only Republican, Straight, Christian, Married men you will find hanging out at a Pride parade or Equality event. I guess that has tagged my wife Tara (who will also be helping on our Bus Trip) and I as straight allies for equality. We don’t really think about it that way. We were both raised in Christian homes and taught that everyone is God’s children. Now don’t let that scare you off as most religion has in the LGBT community. We still drink a little too much Church wine from time to time and don’t always agree with all of the views our friends have, but we strongly believe that EVERYONE should have the same basic rights as humans under our elected government. Whether it is State or Federal law, your sexuality should not matter. It’s that simple in our eyes. We still believe in keeping it simple…Love everyone as you would want to be loved. When someone gives you the bird give them a peace symbol and a shit eatin’ grin. I guess I just enjoy making assholes feel confused and awkward. ;o)

My favorite part of the project thus far has to be the night of panic we all had sitting on Skype having our post web site launch meeting. We listened to the steady stream of ding after ding (people signing up). We were also sad that we just couldn’t make this first year bigger and accommodate all the responses. We knew it was important to make sure the trip is done professional, safe, inexpensive, and most importantly, we kept the cause in the spotlight. This is all about being a visual and respectable voice of change!

My favorite part of the project will be sipping on a nice tall cocktail watching all the couples cut some cake and hit the dance floor! Then cashing my paycheck for all our hard work and time off of our other paying job. Oh wait, we are doing this pro bono… and we are happy about that!!!




In 2007, I started a new job and met a man by the name of Joshua Snyder. Little did I know that the funny, friendly and super techy guy sitting in
the front cubicle would become one of my best friends. I grew up in Dayton, Ohio in a very Catholic family. I was taught that I should stand up for
what I believe is right, treat people that way I want to be treated and to be kind and compassionate. While I have always tried to treat people the
way I want to be treated and to be kind and compassionate, it was not until recently that I actually "stood up" for what I believe in. And, since I
have never done anything like this before, many people in my life do not really understand why I am involved in the CBus of Love. As this idea has
grown into a full blown event, I know that we are making a difference. That is why I am involved!

When Josh told me about his idea for the CBus of Love, I asked how I could help. As a straight single woman, I have taken for granted that I could get
married anytime and anywhere I choose. I jumped at the chance to help make that a reality for the LGBT community. I believe that marriage equality
should be for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation. I believe that marriage should be decided by the couples in love and not outside parties. I want to take a stand against hate and discrimination as well as help create awareness for this issue.

I have truly enjoyed my involvement in this project. I have been overwhelmed, awed and blown away by the support that we have received. In
my wildest dreams, I never imagined the kind of response we would receive from couples wanting to participate. Our amazing couples have inspired me!


Their stories, videos and Facebook posts only make me more excited and proud to be a part of this amazing project. I am looking forward to fantastic Pride weekend!




I have never considered myself an activist by any means, but knowing Josh kind of changes things whithin you. I have came to the realization that sometimes in life we have to fight for what we believe in and the C-Bus of Love couldn't be a better cause. Not only will this fabulous weekend give every couple on the bus a chance to marry the love of their life, but it will also demonstrate to our families, friends and the countless number of others who are cheering us on that love has no bounds! This will definitely be a monumental trip and I couldn't be happier to be a part of it.


I grew up in southern West Virigina where being "out" wasn't really "in". I moved to Columbus, OH in 2001 for school and decided that this was going to be home for me. For once in my life I was able to be me! Since then I haven't looked back, except for the occasional trip home to visit my family and close friends, who all have given me unconditional love and encouragement along the way.


It was in Columbus that I met my partner of 9 years, Brian. He's been the steady anchor in my life and tries very hard to keep me grounded...most days that is. I like to dream big and my head is often in the clouds. Together we have two beautiful Hungarian Vizslas, Tucker & Parker. As for real children, that will come in time.


If anyone would ask me about our relationship and how we view ourselves, I'd have to say that we are just like every other couple regardless of race, gender, sexual preference or any other "label" society wants to put on them. And yes, someday we too will get married, although it depends on the ring he puts on my finger...and he knows it needs to be in a Robin's Egg Blue box!


I am looking forward to joining the couples this summer and making a stand for marriage equality. We all deserve to be happy and marry the person we love. After all, you can choose many things in life, but you cannot choose who you fall in love with!


P.S. I'm the one on the left in the picture!




Born and raised in Northern California, I currently reside in the Bay Area and am dating the love of my life. My sexuality is a hotly debated topic online, and I will only be giving vague answers here, as I do everywhere else :)

More to the point though, I don't think one's sexuality should have an impact in their stance on equality. I see our culture as one that is becoming too self-centered, and I believe it is necessary for all of us to lend a hand in helping fix the problems that may not effect us directly, but do effect out society as a whole.


Marriage Evolved was my introduction to working with Joshua & Steve Snyder-Hill. The focus of my work is in social networking, video editing, and online campaigns. I have always held a strong stance on marriage equality, and I personally find my work with Marriage Evolved and the C-Bus of Love to be very fulfilling.


What do I hope to get out of this project? Plainly put; I love creating content that other people enjoy. The idea of our C-Bus of Love riders being able to celebrate their love openly is tremendously exciting to me, and that idea being turned into a reality is something of which I had to be a part.

It has been such a blast getting to know the couples, and watching them interact and plan for their big day. It only gets more exciting the closer we are to the C-Bus of Love event, and you should all keep up with them too, here on the C-Bus of Love website, and on the Marriage Evolved, twitter and Facebook pages.


In the very near future, I'm quite looking forward to the production of our C-Bus Rider Bio videos, which should be coming out on YouTube in the next few weeks.




I am the Couple Coordinator for the C-Bus Of Love project by MarriageEvolved. I am an activist and as a young gay man, I am determined to leave a powerful legacy behind. I am proud to say MarriageEvolved will be apart of that legacy. The legacy to create an Evolved America.


I had the pleasure of meeting the creators of MarriageEvolved Joshua and Steve-Snyder Hill in late 2011 through mutual friends and they were one of the first committed Gay couples I had ever met. They were the manifestation of what I had hoped Gay relationships would be all my childhood. They took me under their wings and showed me the importance of standing up and fighting for our LGBT rights. I grew to understand that none of us where exempt from doing our part in the fight for equality. Moreover, if I wasn’t willing to stand up for my rights, who should? Joshua and Steve have always and continue to stand for everything I aspire to be. Brave and committed to everything they take on.


With that being said, my voice has a purpose and that is to have the LGBT voice understood and respected. These 25 couples have shared with me countless awe-inspiring stories about their unrequited love for each other and the world they want to leave for their families. Their commitment to stand together united for the greater LGBT community is the most humbling experience I have ever witnessed. Their stories touch, move, and inspire me to keep going and be a force to be reckoned with in the fight for LGBT rights. Together the 25 couples have transformed the C-Bus of Love as a vehicle for an Evolved America. Jump on board! We need all of you!


I currently reside in New York City where I am enriched by the fluent LGBT community and my flair for all things Broadway. On a Friday night you will most likely catch me with a bottle of Chardonnay and watching – yup – you guessed it. Pretty Woman.