A Road Trip for Equality

On June 21, 2013, 25 couples will be making history by participating in the C-Bus of Love sponsored by MarriageEvolved. These LGBT couples come from Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia and they will get married at the Supreme Court in Washington D.C.. The C-Bus of Love will be leaving from Columbus, OH and traveling to our Nation’s capital, where true marriage equality exists today. These amazing couples will be making a lifelong commitment in front of the building where DOMA’s, the so called Defense of Marriage Act, fate will be decided. Once the couples have made history in Washington D.C., they will travel back to Columbus, OH and celebrate pride weekend (Pride Changes Lives) as newlyweds!


The C-Bus of Love is being led by LGBT activist couple, Joshua & Steve Snyder-Hill. Joshua and Steve are currently fighting DOMA on the national level to establish equality for LGBT military spouses. MarriageEvolved is committed to promoting marriage equality for ALL couples. Couples should be permitted to marry when they feel the time is right, not when outside parties feel they should get married. The couples participating in C-Bus of Love have decided that they will not wait for their state to tell them they are allowed to get married.


Showing their support and commitment to marriage equality, businesses from Columbus to Washington, D.C. have donated their goods and services to help make this an amazing and memorable journey for our couples. Help us prepare and celebrate this amazing event. You can sign up for updates, donate to help this initiative going forward, spread the stories of our amazing couples or join us in 2014 C-Bus of Love

Get to Know the Facts:

Now get to know our couples a little more and check out their bios.


  • Tom & Robb Tom & Robb
  • Shannon & Liberty Shannon & Liberty
  • Nancy & Beth Nancy & Beth
  • Monica & Jeanette Monica & Jeanette
  • Misty & Kristin Misty & Kristin
  • Malaina & Noelle Malaina & Noelle
  • Laura & Krystal Laura & Krystal
  • Nicole & Rosie Nicole & Rosie
  • Kelly & Bree Kelly & Bree
  • Kelly & Ann Kelly & Ann
  • Dolly & Michelle Dolly & Michelle
  • Jo & Brooke Jo & Brooke
  • Jack & Bill Jack & Bill
  • Jenna & Jo Jenna & Jo
  • James & David James & David
  • Heather & Jackie Heather & Jackie
  • Frank & Cecil Frank & Cecil
  • Erika & Krissa Erika & Krissa
  • Emilia & Jessi Emilia & Jessi
  • Todd & Bill Todd & Bill
  • Dennis & Paul Dennis & Paul
  • Cassie & Tori Cassie & Tori
  • April & Courtney April & Courtney
  • Angela & Cheryl Angela & Cheryl
  • Alana & Patti Alana & Patti

C-Bus of Love Benefit

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the C-Bus of Love benefit at Axis on Friday, May 17th. Your generosity and support is greatly appreciated! For those who missed the show, check out the photos below.







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